What We're About

BC Consulting Services, Inc. is a full service business management and technology consulting firm. We put together a unique mix of top-notch business expertise and guru level technology knowledge to carry out a simple mission: to help our clients realize their maximum business potential.

At BC Consulting Services, Inc., we believe that the purpose of technology is to support a well-designed business. "Well-designed" simply means that the business has been designed to work efficiently with technology right in the middle of each process. Planning your business around technology promotes fantastic efficiencies that can help you boost your productivity, sales and profits.

Think Strategically

The idea is simple. Our expert consultants will help you take a step back from your day-to-day headaches so you can envision the future of your business. We know how busy you are processing orders, producing merchandise, servicing your clients and customers and, in general, just running your business. Your day is filled with getting the work done.

At BC Consulting Services, we offer an opportunity to think strategically, rather than tactically. When you think tactically, you are concerned with getting through the day, the week and maybe the month. Strategic thinking allows you to view your business in terms of the year, the next three years and maybe even the next decade. You begin to look at the big picture. That's when magic happens and the doors of the mind open to wonderful new ideas that can make business operations poetry in motion.

How We Make it Happen

It's simple. We look at your business together and determine what the whole point of your operations is. We look for what you are attempting to accomplish as opposed to what you are doing. Once you know what the point is, you design a new way of doing it with optimum technology support and Voila! You have designed a radically efficient business process. Then, it's a matter of either finding or creating the technology solution to make it all work together.

Want more Information ?

Just drop us a line or give us a call. Tell us your situation and we'll discuss how BC Consulting Services, Inc. can help get your business out of the stone ages!