BC Consulting Services arranges formal training sessions, or in-house user groups, to work with you and your employees to increase efficiency and utilize the technological power at their disposal. This will train the employees to do a better job with the tools they already have.

Needs Analysis:

BC Consulting Services sets up a detailed report documenting the needs of your business. Using these findings, a solution is formed that will fit your needs and your budget. To arrive at this solution, our company focuses on these options:

* modifying an existing program for your needs

* creating a custom application to serve your needs

Software Search and Recommendation:

At BC Consulting Services we are with our clients every step of the way. The next important step after the Needs Analysis is locating the software to accomplish the goals of the business. To do this, we compile a list of software packages, and then narrow down the list based on your businesses needs. We then review the remaining software packages on the list, and do some more in-depth research. Your business is then presented with a list and our recommendations. We are also standing by to assist you in communicating with the software vendor, and helping you implement the product.

Software Design, development, Testing, and Implementation:

BC Consulting Services employs staff members who are experienced in writing new or rewriting existing software. Any software that is written by us is given to you with a copy of our source code for your protection. We are ready to approach your business and guarantee it success, whether the application is a network-based database, an Intranet-based web application, or an application for public viewing on the Internet.

Process Analysis:

BC Consulting Services uses its experience and expertise to work with your staff, and determine whether there is a gap in technological knowledge between management and personnel. Such a gap can lead to lack of communication, which in turn leads to employee error, lower efficiency rates, and lower profits in general.

Process Redesign:

BC Consulting Services aims to create a swift and cost-effective solution, with as few human interruptions as possible. This results in a sleek presentation for your business.

Technology Review:

BC Consulting Services is capable of doing a high-level review of the existing technology in your business to determine whether the additional work is needed. Among the questions needing to be answered are: What measures are being taken to avoid disasters? Is there a disaster recovery plan, and if so, when was this plan last updated? 

Project Management:

BC Consulting Services assists in all phases of setting up and running a project. We can develop a realistic budget, and write requests for a proposal (RFP's). We can also interview vendors, and ensure that things are properly defined and quality is maintained… This is especially beneficial when you are locating new software, building a new application, developing a new web site, or installing a new network. We will see that your project is running on schedule, and within the budget.